Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A recipe from Viv's Family Recipes

I decided to do a different thing today as a change from my usual writing post. Here is a recipe from my recipe book, Viv's Family Recipes. It comprises, as the name suggests, recipes from my family and friends. Some are very old, dating back to 1909. You probably don't want to cook those, though, as they are rather stodgy and contain a lot of fat. They also take a lo-ong time to cook! Not what we like nowadays. Still, it's interesting to know the sort of things they ate then.

This recipe calls for 'sweet herbs'. I don't know what they are, but they seem to be very similar to Herbes de Provence if my taste remembers properly. I've substituted them and it seems to work.

Savoury Pancake filling

(Grandma’s recipe)


125g large open capped mushrooms, chopped

2 onions

2 tomatoes

½ x1 teaspoon of sweet herbs (I would guess that this is similar to Herbes de Provence, since you seem to be no longer able to get it sweet herbs. I have used Herbes de Provence quite successfully.)


Fry the onion a little and add the mushrooms and tomatoes.

Continue cooking until all vegetables are done, and add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve hot on pancakes, rolled up. This makes an interesting first course or light lunch.

You can buy the book from Amazon if you want to find more recipes. It comes as both an ebook and a paperback.
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