Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Halloween Poem

First, may I apologise for not posting earlier, but I only came back from hoiday at 10pm on Sunday night. I thought I'd have time to write it on Monday morning before going to look after my grandchildren, but I failed to allow for the fact that I would have a lot to do after the holiday. So I'm afraid it's a little late, albeit only a few hours.

I've just entered the following poem into a Halloween Poetry Competition and thought you might like to have a look at it.


The moon has hidden her face tonight
Turned away from the Earth.
The clouds are scurrying away in fright
From what the night may give birth,
For tonight the veil is thin.

The wind is blowing the leaves around.
They hide in crannies and nooks.
Cowering, shivering, hope not to be found
By phantoms, ghosts and spooks,
For tonight the veil may tear.

Build a bonfire, create some light.
The spirits are afraid.
They like the shadows, shun what's bright
And lurk within the shade
For tonight they cross the veil.

Ghouls and spectres, wraiths and shades
Return to Earth tonight.
We're filled with dread as daylight fades.
The smallest sound will give us fright
For tonight the veil has gone.

 I hope you enjoyed this poem. I have trouble reading comments on this site, but feel free to make them. I'll get back to you if I can.

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