Tuesday, 18 October 2016

5 unanswerable questions

There are some questions that require thinking about. 

Does God Exist?
Why are we here?
Are we alone in the universe?

Such questions are difficult to answer, but the ones below are some that I would like to know the answers to. To me, they are as difficult to answer as the above.

Why do young people think it's cool to walk around in torn jeans? It makes them look scruffy and as though they don't care about their appearance.

Why do people find the use of the apostrophe so hard? Is it because they've been taught poorly? It didn't used to be the case that we found apostrophes lurking before every 's'.

Why do some people think it's acceptable to drop litter? Don't they have any pride in their town/village/country? Do they drop their litter in the living-room at home?

Why can't people choose to use inclusive language? There is no need to use the word 'man.' (Its capital letter to denote it was being used as the collective has disappeared.) There are plenty alternatives that do not invoke gender. For 'man-made', 'artificial' or 'synthetic' can be used. For the generic, 'Man' we can use 'human', 'humanity' or 'people.'

When people pick up their doggy poo and put it in a bag, why do some of them then hang the bag on the nearest bush? Do they think it looks pretty?

Why do people wear dark colours at night? If they wanted to hide in the dark, that's what they'd wear, so don't they realize drivers of cars can't see them? Even with street lights there are shadows that makes it hard to see them.

On the subject of dark clothes, why are clothes always dark in the winter? Surely this is the time we need cheering up with bright colours?

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