Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fellowship of Fantasy Writers. Danielle Ross

Hi, Danielle. Welcome to my blog. I am sure my readers will enjoy your post.

Tomorrow I am hosting Debbie Manber Kupfer.

Fellowship of Fantasy Writers
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  1. Your book has hit #1 on the bestsellers list. You now have everyone, who is anyone, calling and asking you to interview. Who is your first choice and why? Describe that major TV network interview experience.
    1. I have no idea who to talk to. I don't know any names, and am terrified of getting in front of a camera. If anything it would be funny since I would be so nervous, and when I'm nervous I tend to make a lot of funny statements. XD

  1. You have just signed a movie based on your novel. You have some say so on who plays the main characters. Who are your choices and why?
    1. Again, no idea as I have no idea who is who in Hollywood. I remember characters more than actors.

  1. A major publishing house has accepted your latest manuscript and enclosed an advance for $50,000. What is the first thing you spend it on and why?
    1. Paying off my various amounts of debt. I hate being in debt, and want it all gone. $50,000 would go a long way to paying off student loans, the car, and a couple of credit cards. If I could avoid debt all together, I would, but right now that's not a possiblity.

  1. If you could choose to live anywhere and in any home and write full time, where would that be? Describe the home and your “work” room.
    1. I'd live in Ireland/Scotland or New Zealand, in a castle like house made all of stone. My "work" room would be a library, literally surrounded by books with one little desk in the middle of the room. It wouldn't be quiet though, as I would have my favorite music/TV program playing at all times. XD

  1. Visualize the opening credits scene and/or movie trailer question #2. What song would you choose for it? Whom would you pick to do the movie soundtrack?
    1. No idea on the song, but I'd have the guys who did the music for Star Wars do the soundtrack.

  1. If you could magically take one character from your novel(s) and make them real for one week.

    Which one would you choose? Why? And what would you do for that week?
    1. The first character I created. She's tough and powerful, and a big softy. We'd probably spend the week doing pretty much nothing, as just hanging around would be all she'd want to do. Though I'd try and get her to do some magic, at least to try and teach me some. :D

  1. You have been booked for a multi-city book signing. What three cities do you really hope to see on your itinerary and why?
    1. Simi Valley – I grew up there, and it's right in the middle of Orange County, so I could go to all the theme parks I used to go to as a kid.
    2. New York – I've never been, and want to go see the Statue of Liberty
    3. Anywhere in Washington State – I want to enjoy the weather and giant trees. :D

  1. Yes or No and feel free to elaborate. Did you begin practicing your autograph even before you ever finished your manuscript? Once your book was published, did your run out and buy a special “autograph” pen?
    1. Yes, I did practice, no I don't have a special "autograph" pen, because my book hasn't been published yet, and I'd have to find one that I could actually get refills for. XD

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