Friday, 10 October 2014

busy and traumatic times.

I haven't posted for awhile now. I have had quite a time in the last couple of weeks, so I apologize.
We went to Brighton to visit my son a couple of Saturdays ago, and as I was driving along the front I passed a cyclist. There are lots of sets of traffic lights along the front and so the traffic was going slowly. The lights in front of me, which had been green until that point, changed and so I stopped. Suddenly there was a loud bang, and both I and my husband thought the car behind had run into us. However, on looking through the mirror, I saw that the car behind was not near and the cyclist was cycling across the road. She had run into our car, put a dent in the boot and cycled off. The man in the car behind said it was her fault as she was looking at him to see what he was doing and not at me. We were a car's length from the lights, ao what the heck was she doing trying to cross a busy road between the traffic when she could have safely crossed at the lights.
Then there was the breakdown of the car that I wrote about last time.
The following Monday we went to pick up the grandchildren from school and take Bethany to hr swimming lesson. I had to get her out of the pool early because we had a telephone call from our daughter to say that she'd had a car accident. she was driving our second car, an Alfa GTv, when someone came round a corner too fast and ran into a queue of traffic at the traffic lights, pushed at least one of them into the one in front, bounced off and into our car that was coming the other way. His insurance company has admitted liability, but my daughter was very badly shaken up and the car is a write-off.
This had meant loads of work sorting out insurance claims and looking for another car.
So my apologies for not posting for a while. I will be posting the next chapter of The Wolf Pack, possibly tomorrow.
Also, Part 2 of The Wolves of Vimar, The Never-Dying Man, is now out on Kindle and will shortly be out in print format with CreateSpace and Amazon.

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