Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Grovelands Orchard Park Volunteers. Planting Day.

A small park near to us was looking very neglected and so I contacted the local council about it. It turned out that it was set up about 20 years ago on land donated by the owner of what was a farm. The land was an orchard, hence the name! Anyway, the council set it up and then handed it over to the community to look after. The council had a contract to cut the grass every now and again, and also to trim back the hedges a couple of times a year, but that was it.
Some of us who backed onto the park then started to tidy it up. We then learned that there was money left for its upkeep by its previous owner and so we started to buy some plants. Last Saturday we had a big planting day when several new people came along to help. We also planted a memorial pear tree to a gentleman who liked the park and used to walk his dog there. this was kindly donated by some friends of his and his widow and daughter came along for the planting ceremony.  Here are some photos that I took.

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