Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Yet another freebie


From tomorrow, Vengeance of a Slave will be free for just 5 days. Click HERE to get your copy.

Adelbehrt and his sister Avelina are just 6 and 3 years old when they are forced to witness the crucifixion of their father. Then the Roman soldiers take them as slaves for their ash blonde hair and pretty faces.

A Roman merchant living in Britain buys them and they find themselves transported to that mysterious island. Bereft of family and friends, Adelbehrt takes his sister's welfare upon himself, and he develops a hatred of the Romans, repeating a litany of hate every evening before going to sleep. He swears to Avelina that one day they will escape, and to himself that he will have revenge on the Romans.

But how can he escape? And if he does, how can he stay free and get his revenge on the Romans? Will his hatred eventually destroy him?

Vengeance of a Slave is also available as a print book, from Amazon.

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