Saturday, 29 April 2017

Book Release

The ebook version of my historical novel, written under the pen name of Emily Littler, is now on sale. You can get it by clicking this link. It will take you to your own country's Amazon store.

It tells the story of Adelbhert, a young boy who is forced to watch the crucifixion of his father and other men from his village who are being punished for mounting an attack on a Roman city. He and his little sister are taken and sold as slaves.

Their purchaser takes them to Brittannia, where he is treated as a pet--which he hates. He stores all the things the Romans have done to him in his memory and refreshes it every night with a litany of hate.

He has promised his sister that they will escape the Romans and return to their homeland in Germania, but this proves impossible. All the while, his hatred and desire for vengeance is growing.

When he gets the opportunity to escape, he finds the means to attack the Romans.

But how can one young man defeat the power of the Roman Army, and can he overcome his hatred. which is eating away at his soul.

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