Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Do you like snakes?

I'm sorry for the delay in today'w post. I seem to be very busy these days. 

I saw a post on the blog of https://themelesswriting.com/ about her dislike, no fear, of snakes. I enjoyed it a lot and so I replied to her. Please visit her blog and read the article, and this is my reply to her.
Dear Themelesswriting. (I'm using the title of your blog because I don't know your name.)

I am a snake. There are a few things you should know about us before you want to destroy us completely. I am writing here to try to rectify some of your misconstrued ideas.

First of all, not all of us are poisonous, and of those of us that are, many won't actually kill you. The venom isn't strong enough to kill a creature your size.

We destroy many of the vermin that pester you. I mean rats and mice. (yum) Did you know that a single rat could have as many as 1 million descendants in only 18 months without some form of predation. We can get into those little corners where your pest controllers can't.

Rats and mice like the same things to eat as you, so they can devastate agriculture without some control. We can help greatly with that. So you won't go hungry as long as we're around.

We shed our skins, as you know, when they get a bit tight. These skins contain nutrients that are returned to the earth as they decay. As well as that, our shed skins help to protect other animals. the ground squirrel eats them, then licks its fur so it smells of rattlesnake. Predators then steer clear, thinking one of us is around. thus the little squirrel. whom I'm sure you like, lives a bit longer.
Birds too, sometimes hang the shed skins on their nests, thus keeping predators away, who think snakes are there. (not very bright, some of these predators.)

We are part of the ecology of the world. There are many food chains that get tangled into food webs. In those webs, we appear on different levels. Sometimes we are the ones who are eating others, but equally, we are often the eaten. (Not something I like to consider too much.) These food webs are what keeps life on this little planet of ours. Disrupt them at your peril. Oh, you're doing that quite successfully already, I forgot.

So we're food for many other things. Sometimes snakes will eat other snakes. (Horrid thought.) We're also eaten by mongooses (nasty little beasts) birds of prey (there's one actually called the snake eating eagle) all the different species of cat, coyotes, wild boar and even some frogs. Without us you might see a world without some of those creatures you actually like,

Finally, our venom. This is what frightens you, or at least most people. However, our venom is currently the subject of medical research. It has been used for lowering blood pressure, heart failure and could in the future be used to make a strong painkiller, and to help stroke victims as well as a possible cure for cancer. Do you want to forego these possibilities?

Your 'final solution' seems to me to be very nasty. I accept your fear of us. You aren't alone, but before you put this into practice, remember all I've said, and also that there are many of us who are harmless.

Oh, and before I go, You are so much bigger than most of us, and more powerful, and so we will generally run away rather than confront you. Usually we only attack if we feel threatened.

Have a nice day.

A Snake.

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