Friday, 24 June 2016

Please help me with a title for my latest book

I am searching for a title for my latest book. I have a working title of 'The Elements', but that doesn't even grab me, let alone potential buyers.
I'm posting a very brief synopsis below, and if you can come up with an idea I would be most grateful. I'll then put the ideas I recieve to a vote in order to find a title that grabs readers attention.
Here's the synopsis.

Torren, the Crown Prince of Ponderia has been behaving strangely. His sister and Pettic, his best friend  discover that he has been kidnapped and a doppleganger put in his place.

Pettic, has to go to the four elemental worlds, Terra, Aeris, Aqua and Ignis, in order to find enchanted gems to enter the mini-plane where the prince is imprisoned and to defeat his captor. On each world he has a quest to perform to aid the people of that world before he can find the gem.

Pettic and Lucenra, the princess, then have to find the kidnapper and defeat him.

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