Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Dragons Fly. A poem by V.M.Sang

I am posting one of my poems today, the fourth Tuesday of the month. Each Tuesday I will post something different. Usually it will be as follows: 

Week 1: An extract from The Wolf Pack.
Week 2: Something about English grammar'
Week 3: A blog about something that takes my interest, not necessarily about writing.
Week 4: More of my writing.

Here is my poem. I hope you like it.

Dragons fly
Soaring high
Tiny specks up in the sky.

Dragons swoop
And loop the loop
Then come together in a group.

Dragons dive
Up there they thrive.
They all love to be alive.

Dragons flame.
It’s just a game
They are wild, they are not tame.

Dragons play
Above the bay.
Dangerous beauty. Do not stay!

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