Friday, 15 May 2015

Elven Evening Hymn from The Wolf Pack.

Some notes on the Elven language.

The elves speak their own language. It is a very beautiful, liquid language with no harsh sounds and many sibilants. Few who are not of elven heritage can speak it. 
Pronunciation is as follows:
ll sounds as ly, like the Spanish ll.
r is slightly rolled and rr strongly rolled.
b is pronounced softly as is d and g.
f is always unvoiced.
o is always ‘oh’ and u always ‘you’.
 j and k do not exist in the language.
Diphthongs are always sounded as separate letters. E.g. ‘io’ is pronounced as ‘ee-oh’.
Construction is similar to Latin, with the verb at the end of the sentence and adjectives and adverbs following the word they govern.
Nouns form the plural by adding ‘er’ and the female gender by adding ‘i’.
e.g.  tree        singular pressil         plural    pressiller
       elf (male)    Eldiss (singular)    Eldisser  (plural)          
       elf (female) Eldissi (singular)   Eldissier  (plural)
Verbs are regular, and there is only one conjugation.

Elven Evening Song

Ah equillin ssishinisi
Qua vinillaquishio quibbrous
Ahoni na shar handollesno
As nas brollenores.

Ah equilin bellamana
Qua ssishinisi llanarones
As wma ronalliores
Shi nos Grillon prones.

Ah equilin dama Grillon
Pro llamella shilonores
As nos rellemorres
Drapo weyishores.

Yam shi Grillon yssilores
Grazlin everr nos pronores
Wama vinsho prolle-emo
Lli sha rallemorres.


Oh beauteous star
Who heralds the evening
You tell us all
That Grillon guards us

Oh Grillon’s star
As you sink westwards
Return again
To guard the dawn.

Ensure that Grillon
Through darkness keep us
Safe from all evil
Until the morn.

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