Friday, 24 April 2015

Why NOT to vote UKIP part 3

First of all, may I apologize for not posting on Wednesday. I have no real excuse except that I have been rather busy. It was my wedding anniversary on Sunday, and as it was a 'big' one, my husband and I, together with our best man and his wife, went to the church where we got married for the family service.

The church was a distance from where we live and so we stayed with my brother-in-law and his wife who live near the church. We had told the vicar that we were going, at the instigation of our best man's wife, and were welcomed in the church by all the congregation. We were very surprised to be presented with a beautiful bouquet!

Our visitors did not leave until Monday morning and in the afternoon we had our usual 'pick up the grandkids from school' duty, as one does, so there was washing and house cleaning, as well as shopping to do.

Those are my excuses, anyway.

This is the third blog about why not to vote UKIP. It is probably going to be the shortest.
I listened to Nigel Farage on the radio one day last week. It was a phone in programme. Of course, most of the questions were about immigration or the EU, inevitably, and Mr Farage was in his element.

Then came a question about something else entirely. I am sorry, but I cannot quite remember exactly what the question was, but it was about the economy. Mr Farage somehow managed to turn that around so that he was talking about--yes, you guessed it--Immigration!

The man is like a broken record (if anyone out there still knows what a record is and what happened when they got scratched). Oh, they have other policies too, but they don't seem to want to talk about them.

It's not that I don't think that immigration is a problem. We are a small island after all. We are, for example, half the area of France with a similar population, but I am very concerned  that Mr Farage is winding people up and fuelling xenophobia and this could lead to very serious problems.

Also, many of the arguments that are put forward by people I have heard so many times before. My Grandmother complained about the Irish. In the 50s, it was  the people from the New Commonwealth, mainly the West Indies, who were going to come over, swamp our country, change our nation, take our jobs, only here for the benefits, lazy people etc. etc. (even though the arguments were against each other. How can they come for benefits and yet come to take our jobs?) Then the same arguments applied to the Pakistanis and Indians. Next it was the Kosovans and people escaping from the chaos of the fall of the USSR.  Now it's the Poles and Romanians. Always  the last group to come in.

This is not, however, the main reason for my argument today. I dealt with that one in a previous post. Today the message is quite simple.

Do you want another hung parliament? This time it won't be the LibDems holding the power but (probably) the SNP. The SNP is a Scottish party. The party that wanted to break up the United Kingdom. They will be helping to make laws for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, countries that they have no real interest in.

A vote for UKIP will give this to us.

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