Monday, 29 December 2014

Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour

January 5th is the start of the Fellowship of Fantasy Writers Blog Tour. A different writer will be posting on my blog each day, and I will be posting on theirs.

Here is the schedule for the tour.

January 6th          Sarah Daltry
January 7th          R.R.Brooks
January 8th          R.J.Mirabal
January 9th          Renee Scattergood
January 10th        Maeve LaFaye
January 11th        Lee Dunning
January 12th        JuQuan Williams
January 13th        JoElle Martin
January 14th        Jean Lauzier
January 15th        J. Lenni Dorner
January 16th        Eloraine
January 17th        Deedee Davies
January 18th        Danielle Ross
January 19th        Debbie Manber Kupter
January 20th        C.D.MacGillavry
January 21st        Charlotte Henley Babb

I hope you will visit these writers. I am sure you will enjoy what they have to say.

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