Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hello everybody.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow. I may be able to post a few comments if the local WiFi permits, but if I am off for a couple of weeks, that's where I am.

 Thought! When I learned to drive, many long years ago, I learned that when entering a roundabout it was not necessary to give a signal until the exit before the one that I was taking. This was because there is only one way to go round a roundabout! Then came mini-roundabouts and somehow they were treated as normal cross roads and people began to give a right turn if they were taking the right hand exit.

In my opinion this has led to great confusion in signalling. Many people signal right turn when they are going to take the straight on option, thus causing confusion. There is a problem with roundabouts that don't have the standard four exits too. What do you do with five or six exits. If you signal right turn for the fourth, how does anyone know you aren't taking the fifth? Another problem is for people entering the roundabout. It is not always possible to see where a vehicle has entered and so they may be taking the exit before yours, or not. What signal do you give if you are going right round and back the way you came?

 Mini roundabouts are a menace too. People often completely ignore the fact that they are roundabouts. Many folk drive right over them, and one near to where I live, people actually go the wrong way round it! It has four exits, but two of them are very close together and so if people are taking the right-hand one, they simply drive down it as though the roundabout weren't there! I don't suppose they think of it as going the wrong way round, but they are.

This signalling is now actually taught to drivers, but in my opinion it causes more confusion than it clears up.

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