Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What a weekend of sport! Went up to stay with my brother-in-law near Cambridge to watch Le Tour. I have been to see it several times in France, but there were LOADS of people watching in England. Far more in the countryside then even in France. Every road seemed to be lined with people with few gaps. In France there are gaps between people in the countryside.
Anyway, we were there in good time to see the caravan as well as the cyclists. That is all part of the fun. I think that many folk don't know about this as people were turning up long after it had passed. The caravan is the advertising part, of course, but they throw out freebies and part of the fun is racing and scrambling for them. We got 4 things--a keyring, a little packet of Tessier sirop (a bit like squash) a bag, PE kit or shoe bag type, and a wristband advertising Sheffield Hallam University.
The peloton seemed to take quite a while to pass and I got some photos.
It was quite hot standing there in the sunshine, but it was a glorious day, fortunately, so we didn't get wet.
Then there was the British Grand Prix on Sunday, won by a British driver, and the mauling of Brazil last night. (Pity it was by the Germans though.)
Only 2 weeks to go now to the Commonwealth games, and the Test Match has just started today against India. Good for sports fans, but maybe not so good for those who aren't so keen.

People watching Le Tour

People watching Le Tour

The Caravan

The Race


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