Sunday, 27 July 2014

Poetry: Manchester United 2013-2014 season

 I should have published this at the end of the season, but didn't or some reason. Can't remember what. It wasn't a good season for us though, so I was probably depressed!


We missed Robin van Persie
For quite a length of time,
’Cos in the bright red jersey
In front of goal he’ll shine.

Vidic is our captain.
A great defender, he.
Attackers strive in vain
To pass him and get free.

And Rio is the other one,
A partnership so great.
As centre back he always shone
We’ll miss him and his mate.

And now we see Valencia
Charging down the wing.
All opposition, they do fear
Versatility he does bring.

Rooney runs all over.
He loves to play the ball.
All the field he’ll cover.
His skills do us enthral.

Our new boy is Juan Mata.
He runs in from mid-field.
The centre backs just shatter.
He shoots and they do yield.

Hernades is our Little Pea.
Yes, he will shoot on sight.
I think everyone will agree
His goals are a delight.

Our left back comes from France.
Patrice Evra is his name.
Down the left wing he does dance.
We’re all so glad he came.

Our stalwart man in mid-field,
Carrick holds the fort.
The ball he never does yield.
He never sells us short.
 They cannot get past Smalling.
He stops them in their tracks.
He’ll give them all a mauling
’Cos he is never lax.

Now Fergie has retired.
We’re sad he had to go.
But Moysie has been fired
Because we end so low.

But come on girls and boys.
We are not down and out.
Let’s make a lot of noise
And with me, join  the shout


Glory, Glory Man United
Glory, Glory Man United
Glory, Glory Man United
As the Reds go marching on, on, on!


May 2014

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