Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Poetry: First Born

Here is another poem. Another extract from The Wolf Pack will be available to view tomorrow or Thursday.


I saw beauty when I first saw you,
My little girl, so small, so new.
Little toes and fingers small
All wrapped up within your shawl.

At first you crawled, and then you walked.
It wasn’t long before you talked.
The funny little things you said
Are all stored here, within my head.

Your big brown eyes, your curly hair—
I feel such love, you are so rare.
Never was another born
Not at evening, nor at dawn.

My little girl, you are unique
So small, dependant and so weak.
But not for long, my little one:
The years fly by and then you’re gone.

Now you have your own children
The miracle starts once again.
The love I feel for you is passed
By you, to yours, it is so vast.

The love of Mother for her Child
Is never one that’s meek and mild.
It lasts forever and a day.
It never dies, come what may.


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