Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Poetry: The National Lottery

In 1990 I started working at St Mary's High School in Croydon, England. Here they had a tradition at the Staff Christmas Dinner for people to get up and do some sort of entertainment. We had had a rather 'interesting' year 10 day trip to France in the previousl November and so I wrote a poem about it. Then, of course. I had to do one each year. Unfortunately, most of them have been lost, and most would not be of interest to most people, but here is one I wrote in 1992, just after the National Lottery had begun.


No. I’ve not won the lottery.
6 million pounds? It wasn’t me!
Not even a measly tenner

I often think and wonder, though
If I should win a lot of dough
Would it change my life at all?
You bet it would! I’d have a ball.

First I’d go and buy a car.
(I’ve always fancied a Jaguar)
A BMW would be nice.
I’ll but them both and not think twice.

And then I’ll get a private jet
And join the international set.
I’ll fly around the world with ease
And leave this land when it doth freeze.

A bigger house than the one I’ve got,
Another in a land that’s hot.
I’d buy one on a mountain high
With snow to ski, down which I’d fly.

Expensive dresses I could buy,
And not put up that fateful cry,
‘It’s far too dear for me to pay
I’ve not enough on me today.’

I’d leave my job without a qualm
And sit at home and feel so calm.
No arguing with stroppy pupils
I’d just relax without those scruples.

But don’t forget the family.
I think I’d ask them round for tea.
They’d all be there; no one would miss
For who would lose a chance like this?

The Aunts and Uncles, cousins too,
 Relatives I never knew.
They’d all turn up to take their place
In the queue to see my face.

I’d walk around the Paris shops
No job to do-my mind may rot.
I think I may be somewhat bored.
My happiness is slightly flawed.

No, I’ve not won the Lottery.
I hope that now it isn’t me.
Perhaps a measly tenner?

December 1992

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