Thursday, 27 February 2014

Watched Man U against Olympiakos on Tuesday evening. What a shambles! Possession in the first half wasn't bad but they failed to turn it into a goal. The service to van Persie was woeful. The poor lad hardly had any chances at all. Their movement off the ball was non-existent. Too many times a player received the ball and there was no one moving for him to pass it too because everyone was stationary. What is all this passing backwards about too? That is SO not the MU way! It slowed the game down and played into the opposition hands. Man U is about 'attack, attack. attack', not 'lets just keep the ball and hope something comes from it.'

Another thing wrong was that no one seemed to be marking the opposing players. Has David Moyes taken to the regional marking instead of marking a man? As, I think it was Bill Shankley,said, 'Men score goals, not regions.'
The players seem to have forgotten how Man U play, or is it David Moyes changing the way we play and making them play to instructions?

The team he put out last night should have had little trouble with that team. They're no Barcelona or Bayern Munich after all. It is interesting to note that, it appears, United have won, lost and drawn exactly the same number of games that Everton had done at the same part of the season last year. They are also in a similar position in the league! WE ARE NOT EVERTON, David Moyes. We have better players that Everton and should be further up the table.

Now, I'm not saying that Man U have a god-given right to win everything, and I realize that things do not stay the same for ever. We have had our day in the sun before now, with Sir Mat Busby and we were the first English team to win the European Cup as the Champions' League was then called. Then when Sir Mat retired we had a bad time, going through managers and ending up in what was then called the 2nd division. (To you youngsters, it was the equivalent of the Championship.) Liverpool, similarly, had a long period in the doldrums after ruling the roost for many seasons. What I am saying, however, is that we should be higher than we are with the players we have. We should not be thinking the unthinkable--that we may not be in Europe at all next season. Not even the Europa League. Yes, it is difficult when a new manager takes over, but this difficult? Losing to Sunderland who are fighting relegation? We are playing abysmally. Please, David Moyes, allow our players to play their usual game and maybe--just maybe-- we can salvage something from this season.

Also, there must be many players who are fed up. Lindegard for example. He is a good goalie but never gets a game. Chicharito, an excellent talent up front, is only ever brought on as a sub. Some of out youngsters should be being brought through, and I am not including Janesai (?spelling?) who in my opinion, and the opinion of many of my family members, is poor. He gives the ball away nearly every time, even if this is by kicking it out, he doesn't beat people but frequently stops when confronted by defenders and tries 'tricks' to get out of it. He's no Christiano Ronaldo!! He doesn't get back to defend when he loses the ball, and he isn't very quick! There are others in the youth better than he is, but what happens? They are sent out on loan, or worse, sold!

That's my rant over for today. Hope your team is doing better!

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